What is NoSQL Database Tutorial for SQL VS NoSQL DB

NoSQL Tutorial and NoSQL practical example also how NoSQL is different from SQL Database, I have explained in this video. With this you have learn What is the actual need of NoSQL Database, where NoSQL database is used in real scenario. Nosql is a database which does not follow any relations in terms of keys or anything, it is just row data which schema less and Nosql is used for big data.

This is the Part 1 where we have explained about NOSQL Database in later Parts we have explained about Cosmos DB which itself is Nosql db.

In the next parts we have explained Azure Cosmos Db Tutorial so if you are interested in learning azure cosmos db then you can join us on "codingFriday" on YouTube where we have created the azure cosmos db tutorial from the basic to advance.

NoSQL Vs SQL Database Vs Cosmos Db Tutorial

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