Partitioning and horizontal scaling in Azure Cosmos DB Practical Example

This video explains what is Partitioning in Cosmos DB and how horizontal scaling can be achieved in Azure Cosmos Db. It explains the best way to choose the best Partition key for your cosmos collection so that you can maximize the performance.

  • Choosing the best partition key would help in achieving the best scale.
  • Documents with the same partition will be stored at same physical location
  • Choose a partition key that evenly spreads the workload
  •  Choose partition key which going to frequently appear in search filter
  •  Make sure you always provide your partition key in search query

We have covered in this video -

  1. Concept of Horizontal Scaling in Cosmos Db
  2. What is Partition key Concept?
  3. Best way to choose partition key for collection
  4. Practical Demo

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