C# Top Tricky 20 Interview Questions for Experienced

In this video we have shared the c# interview questions, which are more common one and most tricky one. some of the examples are What is Diamond Problem in C#?, C# Method Hiding Vs Method Overriding Vs Method Overloading with example, Can we use “this” inside a static method in C#? with Why?

  1. Differences between the Dispose() and Finalize() and Finally in C#?
  2. Explain Boxing and Unboxing in C#.
  3. What is the difference between “throw ex” and “throw” methods in C#?
  4. What is Strong Typing and Weak Typing in C#.
  5. Difference between a Hash Table and a Dictionary
  6. Difference between system.stringbuilder and system.string
  7. Explain Value type and reference type in C#?
  8. Explain Difference constants, read-only and, static
  9. Asp.Net Versions Differences
  10. Difference between Namespace and Assembly
  11. Difference between “constant” and “readonly”
  12. “static” keyword in C#
  13. “out” and “ref” parameters in C#
  14. “as” and “is” operators in C#
  15. “Continue” and “break” statements
  16. Explain Copy constructor in C#
  17. Collection types in C#
  18. Datatypes in C#
  19. How many Types of parameters method can have, explain?
  20. Difference between Static Vs Instance Class
  21. Explain Explicit Interface Implementation
  22. Multiple Class Inheritance using interface
  23. Type Vs Type Members
  24. Explain Private Constructor
  25. IEnumerable <> vs Iqueryable in C#
  26. Explain Indexers in C#?
  27. What are tuples in C#?
  28. What is Sealed class and Sealed method in C#?
  29. What is String Builder class in C#?
  30. What is Enum in C#
  31. What is Partial Class in C#
  32. Explain Attributes in C#
  33. Explain Threading in C#
  34. What is Inheritance in C#?
  35. Explain Polymorphism
  36. What is Inheritance
  37. Explain Class, Constructers, Destructor
  38. What is Struct?
  39. What is Interface?
  40. What is Abstract Class?
  41. What are Delegates in C#?
  42. Exception Handling in C#
  43. Explain Attributes in C#
  44. Explain Reflection in C#
  45. Explain Generics in C#
  46. What are Extension Methods in C#?
  47. Explain Singleton Design Pattern with locks and with practical example
  48. What is Constructer Changing in C#?

C# Top 20 Tricky Interview Questions for Experience

  1. What is Diamond Problem in C#?
  2. Difference between static class and singleton pattern?
  3. C# Method Hiding Vs Method Overriding Vs Method Overloading with example
  4. Explain SOLID in C#
  5. How you inject Dependency in C#?
  6. Can we use “this” inside a static method in C#? with Why?
  7. What’s immutable in c#, String objects are immutable?
  8. Difference between Class and Struct in C#?
  9. Difference between Interface and Abstract Class in C#?
  10. Can we override private virtual method in C#?
  11. Delegates with Example in C#?
  12. Design Patterns in C#?
  13. Types of memories are there in .net – Explain stack and heap in C#?
  14. What is CLR in C#? Explain Background working and explanation.
  15. C# Managed Vs Unmanaged
  16. Explain Garbage collector Background working
  17. Reflection in C# with practical example?
  18. Can we have only “try” block without “catch” block in C#?
  19. Can we execute multiple catch blocks in C#?
  20. Anonymous type in C#
  21. Data Type Conversion in C#? Explain Implicit vs Explicit
  22. Difference Between Static and Instance Method
  23. Problem with Multiple Classes Inheritance
  24. Equal Vs == Operator
  25. C# 7.0 new features?

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