Azure Function HTTP Trigger with Practical Example

Azure Functions is a serverless service that allows us to run code on-demand without configurgation of any specefic infrastructure. 

Let me share the steps what we have done in this tutorial.

  1. Explanation for What is Azure function
  2. We have explained What is the practical need of Azure Function
  3. How many types of Azure functions we have
  4. How to Create HTTP Trigger Basic Function
  5. How to Execute this HTTP Trigger Function using Postman?
  6. Creation of Cosmos Db and collection
  7. Practical Use of Azure function to update the cosmos collection.

HTTP Trigger Azure function with practical example has been explained here. Azure HTTP Function to Update the Cosmos Collection, In this example we have seen first how to create Cosmos Db, then we have added some dummy data to our cosmos db collection and then we move to creation of Azure HTTP Function, we have checked this function using the Postman.




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