Partitioning and horizontal scaling in Azure Cosmos DB Practical Example

This video explains what is Partitioning in Cosmos DB and how horizontal scaling can be achieved in Azure Cosmos Db. It explains the best way to choose the best Partition key for ... Read More

eTag in Cosmos Db How to solve concurrency with practical example

This is the best practical example to understand what is eTag in cosmos db and How to solve concurrency we have explained with practical example. In First 2 minutes we have explained what is eTag and what is Concurre ... Read More

Cosmos DB CRUD Operation Practical Example with Net Core API

Azure Cosmos Db Practical Example where we have created Azure Cosmos Db , Azure Cosmos Collection, Document with .Net Core API Controller. We have created Create & Update & Delete and Read operation with co ... Read More

Azure Cosmos DB Tutorial What is Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is the NoSQL database and it does not have any relation or there is no any primary key foreign key concept in Azure cosmos db. So we have explained everything in multiple parts starting with Basics of ... Read More

What is NoSQL Database Tutorial for SQL VS NoSQL DB

NoSQL Tutorial and NoSQL practical example also how NoSQL is different from SQL Database, I have explained in this video. With this you have learn What is the actual need of NoSQL Database, where NoSQL database ... Read More

FIX Azure Cosmos DB Emulator port 8081 is already in use

The error "port 8081 is already in use" comes in Azure Cosmos DB Emulator as by default azure cosmos db emulator uses the Port 8081. So to fix this issue of "port 8081 is already in use" , we have to change the port ... Read More

Azure Virtual Machine set IP Address to Static

In this tutorial we have explained How to Assign a Static IP Address to a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, also we have explained how you can disable auto shutdown for virtual machine.

If you have decided ... Read More

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